Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sicky Sunday

I *should* be at church right now. I *should* be sitting next to Joel in the crowded sanctuary laughing my head off at Tim Hawkins.

Instead, I am at home sick. Sad, sad.

Since I have been at home, and bored, today I have been on Facebook more than usual (and I usually do not get on the computer on Sundays. Now I wish I had done that today!). There are a lot of posts about how funny it is that the world did not end yesterday, how everyone is ready for school to be over and the normal self-centered broadcasting.

It still annoys me.

Today, though, one girl's statuses caught my eye and caused me to be more frustrated than annoyed. One minute she is praising God for dying for her, for His grace and the next status is something very inappropriate.

I see this kind of thing on Facebook all the time and it really bothers me.

We have no idea what we are saying.

We praise God for His grace that "covers" us, "forgives" us, "sets us free," "allows me to be me," "catches me when I fall" and a whole bunch of other misused ideas about grace. We tip toe around the hard issues, excuse our sins and then slap grace all over our failures.

I do not have the brain power or the time to get into a huge theological post, but I just want to know grace for what it really is.

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