Thursday, June 11, 2009

Here Goes Nothing

::Cough:: Yes, it has been months, again.

I have been through tax season, wedding planning, a wedding, a honeymoon and seven weeks of marriage since I have written here. What a journey it has been!

So, what is there to say that has not already been said by thousands of other people in the course of humanity? Who cares about what I think enough to read this blog? Does it have a purpose? If so, what?

I am a person that likes to have a purpose to all I do- including blogging. Is this blog a place where people are encouraged and God is glorified? Is it just to show off accomplishments, share pictures, make funny quips or rant about how miserable life is?

If so, then I will shut this blog down immediately. Life is too short for that.

God is teaching me a lot right now and I would love to think that me sharing what He is doing in my life will encourage someone. Only He knows.


besnini said...

Please do blog...your blog has been an encouragement to me in the past and I know it will/would continue to be. You will have new things to glorify God about now that you are in a new season of life. (this is Dawn's mom, new gmail account. I have commented on peoples blog and they didn't know who I was)

Chelsea said...

I have to say Jaclyn, that I've followed your blog for years and it's been a constant encouragement to me. I even started my own blog of the things Abba's been teaching me because of the inspiration I received here. Please continue:)