Monday, June 15, 2009

Blogging Something

So I set up an alarm on my work email for 10AM daily that says, "Blog something" and so far I have ignored it for 3 days. I thought that if I set up a reminder and just got into the habit of thinking about blogging that I magically would start blogging again.


I think it will be harder than that! :-)

Today has been a good day so far, but my head so desperately wants its pillow. I had lunch with one of my best friends, Darrah, which was truly delightful. Tonight Joel and I will go to the pizza dinner here at OMF with the new missionary candidates.

It was good to talk to Darrah. I have not seen her since the wedding! (Sad, sad!) She made me think about all that has happened in my life the last 2 months. Wow.

I have been reading Hebrews and studying John 15-17 lately. I have also just started a Bible study on Prayer and am reading a compilation of Andrew Murray's writings called, "Teach Me to Pray." Sunday mornings Pastor Ed is taking us through Acts, Joel is leading 1 John with the Jr. High kids, the leaders are reading 1 Timothy, Wednesday night Louie is teaching Titus and Joel and I are picking our way slowly through Psalms. How wonderful it is to be covered with the Word of God. And still I crave more. I cannot get enough. I want to know it inside and out. It want it to be apart of who I am.

So far to go... but, hey, as C.S. Lewis would say, "Further up and further in!"


Dawn said...

What Bible study on prayer are you doing? A guide or self-study?

Jaclyn said...

Well, kind of both... the Bible study is called "Prayer" from Women of Faith. It is simple. I am reading Andrew Murray's compliation of teachings on prayer called "Teach Me to Pray" and reading the prayers in the Bible.

Dea (pronounced Deah, like Leah) said...

Just found your blog. I too can't get enough of God's word. Check out my latest post ( on how you can grow as you go, as you work around the house. May God bless you as you live for Him!