Monday, October 15, 2007


After discovering that tomorrow is National Boss's Day, a girl decided to do something nice, and include her co-workers in the plan too. Since their boss was in Singapore, she emailed the department and encouraged people to send him an e-card or an encouraging email.

After pressing the send button she gasped in astonishment. She had emailed the whole, the WHOLE, department...

...including the boss.

She cooly walked to the IT managers office and asked if an email could be unsent. The IT manager appologetically replied no. Knowing he had access to everyone's inbox she pressed, "Well, tomorrow is National Boss's Day and I just sent an email to everyone encouraging them to send a kind note to Wendell. And I included Wendell."

He laughed, amused, "I think I can take care of that."

After a few information technology backdoors and one click...

....DELETE.... heart went back to a normal, healthy pace.


Andrew said...

Yay for helpful and understanding IT guys! (Since I met him, I'll give him special props!)

Spanish Morning said...

Include me in your previous rant.

Love the new colors.

Way to use who you know for what they know! ;-) Techies are SO nice to have around when we are in desperate need of a cyber miracle!

Love you!