Monday, May 21, 2007

For Real Now

Several weeks ago I wrote a pathetic post about what is happening in my life. I really wanted to write more, but I lacked creativity and time. There are many things to tell you, my readers (Whoever that would be), about what is happening in my life and family.

Friday, April 13, 2007 my brother, Ben, won the vocal competition at the Northeast Artists Guild Expressive Arts Conference. See more info at his blog site: Ben Zornes' Band or here.

Two broken bones in 12 hours is not a family record I would recommend trying to beat. Three Wednesdays ago my brother Timothy, 11, crashed on his scooter. Take your hand and bend it back like you are trying to grab your elbow. The curve from arm to hand is where Timothy landed. He has a buckle break just above the wrist where the bones, both of them in his arm, broke from the pressure that was felt on both sides- wrist hitting ground and body falling on top. OUCH. The doctors thought that there was possibly a need to put him to sleep and rebreak it. Thank God this was not the case! He is casted and on his way to healing!

Guess what we learned through this? God designed, in His infinate wisdom, for the body to compensate the break by replacing the gap in the bone and disolving the excess bone. Let me explain. When you break a bone there can be a number of degrees that the break angles. Timothy's was 15% and angled down. The arm will heal with this curve. Then the body grows more bone on the side where the angle is acute and then disolves the excess bone on the obtuse angle. Make sense?

So, the Thursday morning after Timothy's accident, my grandma fell down the stairs and broke her shoulder. My mom has been a great daughter and has made numerous trips to Cheyenne to help my grandparents over the last four months. She has become a doctors' office visit specialist this year with three surgeries, stiches in my sister and Timothy's broken arm! Thanks, mom, for all you do! :-)

Of Bikes and Mattresses
Tax return. I do not know what that phrase stirs in your heart, but I know it creates excitement in mine. For some reason I think that tax returns are to be spent. The whole year I am dilligent to save. I make sure I have reserve for large purchases or emergencies. So, if the government has taken more money than need be and in my mind that money is already gone, why save it when they finally give it back?

This year I decided to use my return for several "large" purchases, which are: a mountain bike, helmet, nice tennis shoes, a wave enhancer (like a perm) and a mattress.

The last 6 months I have been convicted in regards to several areas of my physical life: health and money. God has constantly been showing me that great men and women of the faith kept these two areas of their lives under tight control. They ate healthy, excersised, gave away money, prayed over money, etc. So, with my tax return I decided it was a perfect time to get resources that would encourage me to get into shape.

Jogging is out of the question for me, but I absolutley love to ride. A while ago I told my dad that I wanted to get new tires, new breaks and a new seat on my Huffy (Walmart) bike that I have had since I was 13. He smiled, "Jaclyn, you might as well get a new bike!" So, I did a fair amount of research on the type of bicycle I wanted.

I discovered that I wanted: a mountain frame (thicker, sturdy, wide tires), 10-24 speeds (for a variety of terrain), hand breaks and shocks. On top of THAT I wanted it to be, obviously, in good condition and of a reputable sporting brand. AND under $100. Sure, go ahead and laugh. It is funny if you know anything about bicycles.

I mentioned to a friend of mine at work that I was looking for a new bike. She said that she had been wanting one too! So, we began the hunting togther. The day she asks me if I want to go to Play It Again Sports, a used sporting goods store, I was in a dress. We arrive and I see it. The bicycle of my dreams right there in front of my eyes. We gawk, admire and inspect. And gawk again when we see the price: $59.99. Since I am in a skirt she test rides it around the parking lot. We decided that one of us will definately use it and if not we will resell it for $100. Ah, I love capitalism! I took it home that night for a test-ride. I fell in love. I told her so the next day at work and she said that it was mine!!!

It has all of the specs that were on my wish list. The picture above is from the Giant Bicycle website and looks almost like my bike except mine has shocks! The price tag on this machine brand new is $500-700!

The idea for a new mattress comes from the desire to rest better. My back and neck have been killing me lately. I am not sleeping well because I have a spring sticking into my hip. Yet, is this complaining? Hudson Taylor and great other number of missionaries GOT RID of their mattresses in order to prepare for the field. Am I wanting the new mattress for selfish reasons or Christ-exalting desires?

Anyway... there are several over due update bits. There is a ton more to tell, but for fear of loosing your interest I will stop there. :-)


Spanish Morning said...

How can we lose interest if we haven't heard about your life details in...FOREVER? :-P

I don't think you're complaining. If God has given you the extra resources and the knowledge of what is causing you pain...why not put the two together and fix the problem through His provision? :-)

ann marie said...

I agree with Dawn on all subjects :)
It was so nice to see your beautiful face tonight!!! I shall look forward to meeting your new bike in person one of these days! Do you leave it at work and ride on your breaks?

Kathie said...

One more thing about getting a new mattress,though I do understand some missionaries got rid of theirs to prep for the field, a good nights rest is important to your health. People who are sleep deprived have slower response times, fuzzy thinking, lack judgement and can even see hallucinations. Maybe you were complaining, that is between you and the Lord, but I do think it was a needed item for your life :)

Jaclyn said...

I know, I know, I know... I have been slacking lately on the blogging thing, my appologies. I will try to update more "often." :-P Who knows what that means!

Ann Marie,
It was great to see you last night too! We need to get together and do something just me and you, ok?

Thanks for your encouragement and insight. I think about these things in a different way than most people, so I know that I might sound crazy. :-) There are several more considerations I did not mention in regards to buying a mattress.

First, more excersise helps me rest better. So, I have considered doing the biking at a steady pace and seeing if my sleeping is better. Why spend $200 if I don't have to?

Second, I am sure people have rested just fine the last 5,000 years without a comfortable mattress. :-P Half of the world sleeps on the floor and the world keeps going.

Third, I know that good rest is key to mental and emotional health. I also know that God's Word says HE is the one that grants rest. (one passage, for example is Psalm 127) God also commands that we take time to rest in other ways than sleep... and these times are to regain mental, emotional and physical strength, such as studying His Word and praying. If I am not consistently building my rest in HIM, then sleep will not help me regain strength, make better decisions, etc.

So, really, when I think about it, will a new mattress help me rest better? Sure it will. Is it wrong to get one? Probably not.

But, since I am house-sitting for another week, it will probably not happen for a while...

Katie said...

Jaclyn--I enjoyed this update!! :) Thanks! God has been good in sustaining us through a broken bone too. :( Unfortunately, Abigail had to have surgery. :(
You inspire me in honoring God by being in shape....I admit this is an area where I struggle! All my interests and comfort zones exist in sedintariness.