Monday, November 13, 2006

When time is nothing...

And nowhere to be found.

I finally have couple moments to write an update. This weekend was extremely busy and I am exhausted. There is also a cold front moving in, which, without fail, gives me a headache. That or the lack of sleep.

(Since I wrote the above paragraph I have gone upstairs to my office, written emails, filed papers, had a meeting and answered 10 phone calls... excuse me, there is number 11. And a person walking in the building.)

So, what was I going to say when I started writing this post?


Ann Marie said...

How are you doing sweetie?
oh, and what WERE you going to say when you started that post? ;)

Spanish Morning said...

LOL...hilarious, Jaclyn. This is definitely a new era for you! I miss our chats, but am thankful nothing will tamper with our friendship. :-)

BTW, I am not SO suprised that was my favorite line in Cars. My TRUE sense of humor is a very little known fact. And I do recall one particular IM conversation we had about "slang"... ;-)

Jaclyn said...

Hahaha... I would say my TRUE sense of humor is a very little known fact too, unless you are my family or close friend. The "problem" with our relationship, girl, is that my true sense of humor is seen so much in the day to day life that I do not spend with you... and some things, no matter how hard I could try, are not funny on IM. :-P I was not surprised, unlike Galant, that I scored "You Have Your Sarcastic Moments."

Anyway... I love the line in Cars when Mater says, "She's (Sally) my fiance." and then when Lightning is shocked Mater says, "Nah, she just likes me for my body." LOL!

I think I was surprised for the same reasons you were surpirsed that I laughed at Napolean Dynamite. Although, I am not anxious to see that movie any time soon....

I miss you too and AM glad that our friendship will change little! I love you, goofball!