Friday, November 03, 2006

When Sacrifice is Nothing

"I want to look back at the end of my life and be able to say, 'I gave everything for Christ and made no sacrifices."
~Hudson Taylor~

Oh, this is what I want to be able to say with confidence in my death. I lived, I loved, I served Christ and through it all made no sacrifices.

This Wednesday I began my new job at Initiative360 and OMF. It has been a pleasure and a joy to be in an environment where the main focus is to further the name of Jesus. Sure, programming, marketing, promotion, finance and communication are the functional peices of the puzzle- but the goal is the same.

As for some details:
- I WILL have two email addresses, two offices (plus the reception area) and A TON to do!!!
- I have met ALMOST all of the 80 people who work in the MissionPlex.
- I have neither of my computers.
- My office for OMF gets very warm- not good for a person that runs hot already. I brought my fan, just in case.
- Ann Marie brought me a bag of Dark Chocolate on my first day. They taste great, thanks my dear!
- I have not had a chance to write my dearest Dawn and email yet... and I feel horrible.
- I miss my "work" time with Katie and Dawn.
- I work three days this week, four days next week and five days the week following, then I have another three day week for Thanksgiving. I am SO grateful for the timing of this new job, God has been so good to ease my into a schedule that would have been OVERWHELMING if I have to jump in at 5 full-time days!
- I used the time change WAY for my advantage this year- seeing as how I need to LEAVE at the time I was GETTING UP!
- I miss my family, since I have not been with them much this week and this weekend I must go to Ft. Collins. ::Sigh:: such is life.
- Yogurt with granola is wonderful.

I hope all of you are well!!!


Spanish Morning said...

To your credit, you did e-mail me now. And we are chatting again. It's ok for you to have a life outside of Katie, Ann Marie, and I... :-P

Katie said...

Hi Spike!
It is funny to communicate with you over Blogger, IM, email, and phone. I am really looking forward to our time together at Thanksgiving! I am so proud of you for taking this step and I can't wait to get more details about your new job.
Love you

Galant said...

Spike? :)

Galant said...

Of interest?

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