Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mission Links-R-Us

I have added a section of links about missions. There you will find the following (click on each here for a link to the website I describe) :

- Operation World
Operation World's vision for missions is that we pray for (intercession) and for (inheritance) the nations.

- Pray Today
This website is a branch of Operation World and gives people the specific nation to pray for on the cooresponding date (May 15-17 is Germany). It gives the same information that the book Operation World outlines.

- Travel the Road
Travel the Road is a website about two crazy missionaries and their wild adventures! I have one of their DVD's and absolutely love it. Whenever I need a kindling desire for the nations I watch it. I would love to have their other episodes, but they are kind of expensive! I think it would be totally worth it, though... hummm....
(Looks like this website is currently down for maintenace.)

- World Vision
World Vision is an organization that reaches the nations with both practical physical help and spiritual guidance.

- Caleb Project
Caleb Project is a mobilization organization that lead the class Perspectives on the World Christian Movement that I took this spring. They specialize in research projects that take teams to "closed" countries and do research that will assist a missionary who is going long-term. These teams talk to indigenous people who would not be open to having the gospel shared with them cold-turkey, but will talk about family relationships, national religion, customs and traditions. Then, the team organizes the data and presents it to any missionary who will be living, working and serving that specific group of people.

- OMF International
OMF International was founded by the famous Hudson Taylor and has a passion for Asia. This is an amazing website and has EVERYTHING you would want to know about Asia, Asian people groups, missionaries to Asia, etc.

- 24-7 Prayer
24-7 Prayer is an intercession focused website that encourages believers, whether you feel "called" to missions or not, to pray for the nations, missionaries, governments, economies, etc.


am said...

VERY cooool! Thanks for your work in doing this! (and everything else you do :))

Jaclyn said...

I am glad that I was able to take you to your appointment yesterday! I am praying for you!!!