Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Which sounds better to you? Should I say "two weeks and six days" or "twenty days?" I think I will say two weeks. Hahaha... Are you ready for this?


Phew. That felt good.

Wednesday, May 24 I will leave for California. I will pass through Phoenix before arriving in San Jose where I will see my dear Dawn face to face.

Dawn said that she thinks she found a difference between us. (Not the first one, mind you ;-) First, I need to give some background information. For the last couple of months, well, since I bought my plane ticket to California, I have repeatedly told her, "I am so excited!" Second, this morning I was prettty enthusiastic when I was talking about visiting.

Now, you have to know something: I am not an excitable, bouncy, goofy, giggly girl- even when I am thirilled about something. There are times, of course, when I smile and laugh to show my pleasure. I am not a completely serious and reserved person. I DO love to laugh and smile.

But I am REALLY excited about seeing Dawn. Still, I am not like running around all giddy or anything. What I express when I write is way different than what people might see on my face. Some people might scream and giggle when they are excited. I am content to smile and enthusiastically say, "I am SO excited!" and leave it at that.

So, Dawn thought that since I am going on and on about being excited that this is a difference in our personalities. Could be. BUT, I might ask you, Dawn Dear... who is supposed to be Anne and who is Diana here? ;-) Shouldn't I be the reserved, quiet excited one and YOU the bouncy, estatic excited one? Hehehe...

Nevertheless, I am VERY excited to visit you, even if the expression of my excitement is totally uncharacteristic of me! It feels good to be so exuberant about something!


Spanish Morning said...

Perhaps after Anne had children she became a little more sedate for lack of sleep and added brain activity in caring for a wee one? ;-)

Or maybe it's because after so many years of being "friends" we have really rubbed off on each other...A little bit of Diana in Anne and a little Anne in Diana?

Trin said...

soo, is this purely to visit Dawn, or does May 24th correspond nicely with a rather large gathering going on over there in Cal-i-forny? (granted a few hours south...) :D

Jaclyn said...

I dare say you are right on both accounts of motherhood and becoming more like each other! Love you!

This is a trip purely to visit my dear Dawn. Forgive my ignorance, but what is happening that same timeframe a few hours south?

Trin said...

Spirit West Coast

I had been considering going and decided not to since it correlates nicely with some deadlines here at work :(.

Jaclyn said...

Ahhhh... I was thinking the 24th would be a little to late for a Cinco de Mayo event. Just teasing. :-)

I would love to go to Spirit West Coast and did not even think about it when I made my plans. :o) I think, though, I would rather break my back and schedule to to the Passion One Day with Louie Giglio and Chris Tomlin before Spirit West Coast!

I'll wave to you and Galant as I pass through Arizona!

Kathie said...

Give sweet, chubby-cheeked Judah a kiss from his Nini for me. I'm a bit envious that you get to go but I'm not envious enough to get on a plane to go see him...I've been on to many planes recently :) Have a wonderful time!!!!

Jaclyn said...

I will DEFINATELY give Judah a kiss for you! I am getting so excited to see your precious daughter, grandson and son-in-law. Ah, I am having such an itch to travel, but then again I love planes! I will have a wonderful time and post many pictures I am sure!

Galant said...

I was going to say, so close but still so far, Phoenix is only two hours away.

Ah well.

I hope you have a wonderful time over there in California. I was just in LA a week ago for the Azusa St. Centennial. Loved the climate. Nice and cool.

God bless.