Monday, April 10, 2006

Pastor Dad Again?

A quick job search update... my dad has been communicating with a small church about being their Senior Pastor. We are not sure how this church got my dad's resume, but are thankful that they did! They are a small church, only 11 years old and about 45 minutes from our home. My dad sent them a copy of a sermon he preached several years ago and a picture of his adorable family.

They called on Saturday and requested a formal interview, scheduled for April 18th.

We are so exited. So excited. God has been so good to keep us encouraged when other hopes fall through. He is faithful to keep our eyes set on Him, His desires and His plan. Please pray with us as my dad prepares for this interview! Thank you!


Jacob Mentzel said...

Beautiful. Praise God.

Kathie said...

(((oh Jaclyn)))!!! I will be praying. I have been praying. Dawn has sort of kept me up to date on how things are going. That would be so kind of God to allow your dad to do what his heart really wants.