Tuesday, April 18, 2006

MAJOR Easter Photo Shoot!

Ben, Timothy, Victoria and Samuel on Easter at my grandparent's house. Mom and I usually sew matching Easter clothes, but with the current circumstances we did not feel like putting an extra burden on ourselves! Still, we tried to match old Easter clothes with some simple skirts we found at Wal-Mart. We wore PINK, can you believe it?

A beautiful family if I do say so myself! We did not get a family picture with the digital camera. We all look so grown up. It is amazing to see how we have all changed this last year. Timothy and Victoria are big kids now, with minds of their own, creative skills, grown up thoughts and abilities to play big kid kind of games! It is so much fun to live in a family! I love all of you!
Katie and Jaclyn
Mother and "daughters"
Mother and daughter


Spanish Morning said...

A GORGEOUS family! So spring like with the pink. I like men that are confident enough to wear pink when they look good in it. My dad looks really good in pink, as do the men in your family. Can't get over how adorable Sammie looks! And Victoria looks like Timothy's little side kick. :-)

Jaclyn said...

A man that wears pink AND watches chick flicks is a treasure for sure! And I live with two of them! (Timothy and Samuel are not in to chick flicks yet :-P )

Timothy and Victoria are good friends... and get into a lot of trouble together too! :-) I need to post more pictures of Sam. He is at such an adorable phase right now!