Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lessons from the Little Cabin

Over the winter Joel affectionately called our small condo "our little cabin."  We smile at each other every time we talk about living in a small place, trying to live a simple life and wondering how many children we could fit in here.  We like to talk about how to live more simply.

Realizing we need less than we have ever imagined.  Taking walks instead of turning on a movie.  Purging possessions down to necessities.  Storing food under the bed or the outdoor closet.

It's kind of fun.

Last week I found Season 1 of The Little House on the Prairie at a consignment shop for $7! (SCORE!  And, yes, it's not a necessity.)  We have been enjoying an episode or two here and there as we have time.  We love the solid Biblical themes, the wonderful picture of marriage and the overall simplicity of the Ingalls family.

We look at the lifestyle of the Ingalls family and somehow, as funny as it might sound, want to be like them.  They only had what they needed.  When they had excess, like a special toy or dress, it was treasured and treated with honor.  Their home was always tidy because there was not junk everywhere.  They valued people and relationships more than possessions.

I know it sounds silly.  (It sounds even more silly when I think about typing this on my computer.)

So, these are some lessons from our little cabin:

1- Be content with what you have.  1 Timothy 6
2- Be thankful for what you have.  Colossians 3
3- Have less so you can give more.  2 Corinthians 9
What are you doing to simplify your life? 


Katie B said...

Such a good reminder and I completely agree! We have talked about down sizing our sq footage if we ever move. It would be hard but I think it would be easier to live simpler with less space to fill with stuff! There are parts of our house I only see a couple times a month. I love the idea of only having a few 'treasured' toys. I think it encourages them to use their imaginations more too. :)

Nomad Girls said...

Interestingly enough, the Lord has been teaching Scott and me very similar lessons. It's good to hear your perspective. We've been selling/donating all of our stuff and I've been amazed at how much we've accumulated even TRYING not to (since we knew we'd be heading back in a few years). I can't imagine how much stuff we'd have if we hadn't been trying. Now that we'll fit everything we own into a few suitcases (most of them holding Andrew's diapers, clothes, etc) I'm really evaluating what items I hold dear (perhaps TOO dear). May God purge us both inside and out of things we don't need!

~*~elizabeth said...

Hi Jaclyn, I came across this article and for some reason thought of you:
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