Wednesday, April 06, 2011


I love Katie's honesty in her post yesterday and Dawn's post a few weeks ago. I am sitting here, in wrinkled clothes, with a sleeping baby on my lap (typing one handed) and a long list of things to do (that I am not doing). The house is a semi-mess. The laundry is half done. I cannot remember the last time I dusted. The vacuum has been broken for weeks now and the carpet looks as you might imagine.

People have told me that I always seem to have it together. HA! I think we all feel that way about other people in our lives. It is an easy way the enemy uses to discourage us and make us condemn ourselves.

Please know that I do not have it all together. I struggle with worry more than you may know. I get frustrated at others for things I myself do. I have days where I am so lazy.

I never want to excuse sin, I want to grow and improve, but I know that this side of heaven I will always fall short of perfection.

Praise God for His grace!

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Heather said...

Hi Jaclyn, I'm a former Ellerslie student and single momma. This post is just what I needed today, thank you! Sometimes it's very refreshing to know that other people go through the same struggles I do and it's so important to not fall under self-condemnation but to just keep our eyes fastened on our Savior and keep going!Every day is a new day :)