Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Yes, it is true. I am alive and well.

At about 2PM today I hit a wall of tiredness from jet lag and I am ready for bed. It is, after all, 3AM in the place where I have just spent 2 weeks. ::YAWN::

There is so much to say about life, missions, ministry, dreams, convictions, happenings and fears. I am sorry that I have become so lazy in posting. I really do miss writing and communicating my thoughts to whoever reads my blog. Maybe if I wrote more often people would read what I have to say.

God has been teaching me a lot about what it means to walk in confidence. People have always said I was a confident person- from the time I was a little girl. Those that know me well love and appreciate my confidence in who God is, what I believe and who God has made me. Those that do not know me well call it arrogance and pride. There is a temptation inside me to buckle under their criticism and question my God-given confidence. The enemy wants me to believe that my confidence is pride.

And I know that there is a fine line between confidence and pride, so please do not go, "see she is arrogant!" As I have learned about confidence I have also come to understand true humility. People have told me that I need to be more humble and others have said that I am the most humble person they know. Both of those statements are from God and are given to produce humility.

God has also been teaching me much about leadership. As I led the trip overseas I was faced with many times where my ability to make decisions was stretched. It was soooo good! Leaders have to make unpopular decisions. Leaders are able to encourage people when they are frustrated. Leaders have to trust that God knows what He is doing. Leaders have to remain steadfast when the people are complaining.

Leadership, confidence and humility are inseperable. All three are gifts from God. All three feed well off of the others. You cannot be a good leader if you are not confident. You cannot be confident without humility. You cannot be a good leader without humility. Leadership produces humility because you leave yourself wide open for criticism.

Ahh, there is so much more. I praise God for what He is teaching me. Hopefully I will find more time to write in the weeks to come now that so much is behind me. :-)

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