Friday, April 13, 2007

I'll Cry Glory

Three of the four members of the Ben Zornes Band, Ben Zornes, Caleb Lane and Greta Dittmann, as well as two moms(not pictured above), Momma Zornes and Momma Lane, are in New Jersey!

They are attending a singer/songwriter competion and conference. This morning Ben performed three of his songs in competitions and will do another two this afternoon. He will also compete in a vocal session as well.

Pray that he does well and that the judges will have favor on these three, that people would be drawn closer to the glory of God by their songs and that Jesus would be magnified!

For more information and updates from the band visit:

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sis said...

Oh Jaclyn Our baby brothers are growing up!!! Did you ever think your brother would be one of those with a t-shirt made after his band?!?!?! So fun, what is better is their amazing hearts!!! I'm so proud of all'm!!!!!