Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Pictures at Last!

Travel pictures... This was my third time flying out West over the Rocky Mountains and EACH time I am in AWE of the beauty!!! I had a connecting flight in Salt Lake City. The lake is HUGE!

So, we were really smart and did not get a picture of Dawn and I after the big SURPRISE at the door! Shame, shame... BUT it was a marvelous success because she was so shocked! So much, in fact, that she closed the door in my face. I shall never forget the look on her face!

One of the cutest babies in the world... besides my children (future of course!), my siblings and any of Matt and Dawn's other children! (I cannot wait to see an Esparza girl!)

The Saturday after Dawn's birthday we went to a hotel on the beach. It was incredibly foggy, but it was a delicious breakfast!

Judah and I in our jammies... he is such a ham for pictures!

Our "together" picture... almost a month behind us now. It was a wonderful trip. We were more relaxed this time, not sick and just being together! I want so much for them to come to Colorado and see my world, visit my people and go to my places! Someday, someday... that's what we always say!

I love you, Dawn, Matt and Judah!


ann marie said...

What a precious a time with precious friends!!! I'm so glad it worked out so amazingly well :)

Katie said...

So I can't get over that first picture! It is gorgeous! I need to fly west more often. All I get to see is Kansas - what beauty. . .
So, I think that we should make a concerted effort to guilt them into coming here. Maybe if we bombard them with requests, they will give in : )

Spanish Morning said...

Wait wait...guilt who into coming where? The Zornes to AR, or the Fitz/Esparza Clan to CO? :-P

Thank you for taking time to post the pics you are the only one that took them! I'm not too sad about not getting a pic after you got here considering my "grubby" state -- but at least the background would have been spotless (the apt). Ah, I always forget just how beautiful you are until I see pictures. :-) Although you still make my face look so round with your long and narrow one. ;-)

I promise I WANT to come to CO!!! If I could I'd have a part time job JUST to get some money for the trip! If we don't make it there before we move in October, maybe we can come in November?