Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Blizzard 2006

December 20, 2006
Did YOU order a blizzard???
Welcome to our neighborhood...

... we would love to have you come in...

...if we could open the door.

Timothy is building a tunnel in the five foot drift....

...and Samuel is saying, "We love Colorado!"

Ben becomes the sledpuller and Samuel is grateful. This picture is amazing, if you have been to our backyard, because right after where Ben is standing there is a little hill that continues to slope to the fence. In this picture it looks like it is flat and with the snowpack it almost is!

This is my favorite snowdrift picture:

The day after it quit snowing- notice the blue sky! We had 36" of snow in 36 hours and the next morning it is sunny and clear! This is one of the reasons I LOVE Colorado!!!

This is Ben using the snowblower the day after it stopped snowing.

This is our neighbor, Ryan, snowboarding off of a pile of snow (that was bulldozed into a mini mountain by a neighbor's truck). They were holding a rope that was attached to a snow mobile and launching themselves over the mound. Ok, so this is what we do with blizzards, ok? We ARE professionals here!

And last, but FOR SURE not least, is a picture of Samuel and I-


Autumn said...

this made me shiver!

Trin said...

glad to see you're ok and having fun with the blizzard :). And yes, it looks quite cold there (it got up to 75 here today ;), although I see it is supposed to be 52 tomorrow...). I kept hearing reports of another blizzard coming this weekend and to watch for it in CO and NM. The latter of which is where I'll be; likely freezing.

ann marie said...

So much fun!!! Are you looking forward to the next 1-2 feet of snow coming in tomorrow?

Jaclyn said...

I AM looking forward to another blizzard- a possible 28" MORE by Saturday morning! A new record of back to back blizzards. Woooo hooo!

We are planning to go to my grandparents home in Cheyenne (100 miles) on Saturday and I still hope we can make it. The interstate up there is usually one of the first to close.

Should be fun!

Spanish Morning said...

Boy, I bet this makes Autumn glad they don't get THAT much snow in Cleveland! But then, she doesn't have to deal with it anymore since they are moving on Monday. :-)

I for one would love to see that much snow for a day or two...and then have it all disappear. Well, maybe. I just hate it when snow looks all dirty and slushy. But with that much snow, I bet it takes a while for it to get ugly!