Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Friend 3- Unreachable but ever close

Name: Dawn Marie
Age: 23
Relationship: Companion

Never Face to Face
It may shock some of you to know that I have never met Dawn face to face. The way I talk about her most people would assume otherwise. As I type this is seems unbelievable to even me! So how did we meet? How did we become such great... no, amazing friends???

I met a young man named Matt (I'll save you the details of how I met him, Dawn knows!) in the spring of 1999. He lived in Indiana. I lived in Colorado. He and I kept in touch over the years. One day he said he would like me to get to know his new girlfriend, Dawn. I admired and repected Matt, so I was eager to get to know who had captured his heart. Dawn and I began corresponding through emails and instant messaging.

Slowly my communication with Matt became less and less. My transfer of affection quickly moved from Matt to Dawn! (Sorry, Matt ;-) I think I got a good deal out of it and I know you agree!) Matt and Dawn were married in 2004.

I have yet to meet Dawn in person. I cannot begin to count the number of hours we have spent chatting, writing emails, talking on the phone and sending goodies through the mail. I have shared my heart and soul with her, as she has with me. We have talked of silly things and dug to the depths of spirituality as well. She was my comfort and faithful friend through an incredibly painful time in my life. She has been a strength and joy in current trials. She laughs "with" me and cries "with" me. I pray I have been half the friend to her as she has been to me.

Someday, someday...even if it's in heaven.
A while ago Dawn wrote this to me about our meeting in person, "Someday, someday... even if it is in heaven." I would love to meet this precious friend in person. Yet, how awesome would it be to meet her for the first time when we know we have eternity to share together? Hopefully we can meet before then, but who knows when that will be?

Just yesterday Dawn said, "Our friendship is a picture of what our relationship with Christ should be like!!! Talking every day about life events and deep spiritual issues. Learning more about each other...and desiring to always know more. Believing in the other though we have never seen each other."

I cannot agree more!

All About Dawn
Birthday: January 19
Husband: Matt
Children: First baby due March 2006
Colors: She LOVES bright colors like tangerine and yellow. She calls it a "Moroccan Style" or "A Romantic Tropical"
Hobbies: Blogging, knitting, baking, quilting, cleaning, being with friends and chatting with me!
College: The Master's College, California
Degree: Home Economics

Current News
Besides being fairly newly-wed, Matt and Dawn are expecting Baby #1 on march 10, 2006. They also recently made a BIG move from Tennessee back to California. Matt has started training for a fantastic job! They are busy establishing a new home and settling into a fresh era of their lives. And to think that a mere 2 years ago they were not even engaged yet!

How can we have memories "together" you might ask? Well, we do! One of my fondest memories of Dawn is the day she was updating a website for the college she worked at. She had me look at it to see what I thought. She then proceeded to make a change on the website and asked me to go back and look. To my shock, at the very top of the page in BIG BOLD letters she had typed something like this, " JACLYN, WHITE FEMALE, LOOKING FOR A GODLY CHRISTIAN MAN TO MARRY." I thought it was funny... and then told her to take it off before someone saw it!!!

Then there is our sad candy story. We tried to send candy to eachother in the mail from work address to work address. We are convinced there is a candy thief in the post office. He is happy to eat our candy and then place the wrapper BACK in the envelope before sending the letters on their way. Umph.

The Years to Come...
The next few years are sure to hold many changes for Dawn. She will become a mommy. She will make another cross-country move. She will laugh. She will cry.

I am so thankful that through the times to come I know I will have her friendship. It comforts me to know that I have her as a friend. I know that no matter what happens she will be there. I praise God for her, for our unique friendship and for the blessing she has been to me.

I love you, Dawn!

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